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About Us

Koiology Unlimited LLC was founded by Jack Berokoff who has serviced koi ponds, lakes, waterscapes, and more in Southern California under the name of Gold 'N Koi, LLC since 1987. Koiology Unlimited LLC was created to allow anyone to access this knowledge and experience for quick responses to problems or emergencies that may arise within their koi pond(s). With the current society embracing technology so much nowadays it only made sense for us to branch out and make an online service to help those who need assistance or have questions in the Koi industry. Since we can provide the service to anyone over a phone call, video call, instant messaging, text messaging or even regular emailing and because of that, location has just become a limitation of the past.


We have 32 years of experience in the koi industry and with that experience, we have seen and come across several different problems and solutions. With our experience, we should be able to properly help perform or explain a task on how to do it the correct way. If its a problem we can guide you through the solution(s) virtually or physically. Experience usually always triumphs what you learn from books and instructional videos...


Integrity is a quality we have as people as well as a company. We are here to help you with problems, solutions, and advice regarding your project(s). However, some solutions may end up costing a pretty penny, but we will do our best to give you the most optimal solution for your scenario. We will always be transparent and straight-forward regardless of what the scenario is, transparency can go a long way between people...


Regardless of what we are assisting with we will give 110% to the project and make sure you are happy and satisfied with our service/end result. By taking our experiences and integrity we can assure you by the time we are done with any project you throw at us you will be stress-free and happy with the outcome. If not we will continue to work on the project till you are absolutely satisfied with the end results...

Our Services

We provide several services but we have categorized most of our services into the three categories that are seen below. If any questions arise feel free to contact us via live chat, email, or phone...

Consultation Service

With 32 years of experience in the Koi industry, we have seen it all and can point you in the right direction or help you with most problems and answer any questions to the best of our abilities. We can consult regarding a fish-related issue such a fishes that are sick with ulcer or parasites, predators such as Great Blue Herons and how to protect fishes from them, aquatic plants and what may help the koi, and so much more...

Koi Maintenance

We provide guides on how to maintain Koi ponds for any individuals who have a Do It Yourself (DIY) attitude. We also provide maintenance services if for those who would rather have a professional come in and do it for them. Maintaining a koi pond is crucial to how often you need to fix, repair, or even update the pond. Maintenance could go a long way for the pond, fishes, and even the plants...

Equipment Repair

We can walk you step-by-step over the phone or chat on how to repair or replace most pumps, motors, filters, UV light systems, and much more in simple and understandable terminology. If needed like every other service we offer we can do the repair for you in case you don't want it to do it yourself. Eventually, equipment breaks down or need to be replaced, which is inevitable, and we are here to help.

Our Portfolio

In modern society, most if not all people care about the quality of work, and for companies, it is even more crucial. For that reason we have shown some of our best work below, so you as a potential client can get a sense of what we do and how far we go for or clients...

  • Fashion Island - Koiology 101

    Fashion Island

  • Laguna Hills Residence - Koiology 101

    Laguna Hills Residence

  • LTP Modern - Koiology 101

    LTP Modern

  • Newport Beach Resident - Koiology 101

    Newport Beach Resident

  • Hacienda Plaza - Koiology 101

    Hacienda Plaza

  • Long Beach Residence - Koiology 101

    Long Beach Residence

Our Blog

From informative blogs to how-tos we do it all. We will try to be adding blogs as frequently as possible so if you would like to see any specific blogs feel free to messages us below requesting so...

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Preparing your Koi Pond for Summertime

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KHV, Covid 19 for Koi
KHV, Covid 19 for Koi

With the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus, all of our lives have changed dramatically. Over 20 years ago, an outbreak of a disease called "Koi Herpes Virus" or KHV similarly devastated the koi world and impacted the industry to this very day...

So You've Always Wanted a Koi Pond Read our article in Aquarium Hobbyist Magazine
So You've Always Wanted a Koi Pond Read our article in Aquarium Hobbyist Magazine

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